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Discussion I need a Colt Python lesson please. What to search discussions comments polls. May edited May in Ask the Experts. What do I look for in my search for either a 4 or 6 inch Python? Do the letters preceeding the serial number designate its lineage? Example, saw one today with a letter V preceeding the serial number.

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The cylinder latch location throws them off. How do I find the date of manufacture of a Colt Python? Colt python. For sale co. Colt python and Python on Pinterest www. Colt Model Vest Pocket.

So I just found a great deal on a Colt Python and HAD to buy it. I’ve researched serial numbers online and can’t seem to find out how old this.

Every gun has a serial number. The serial number can tell you the manufacturer’s date and model. Finding out whether or not a gun you purchased has been reported stolen can also be determined from a gun’s serial number. If you want to look up information about a gun, you can contact the gun manufacturer or your local police, or visit online databases to find out whether the gun is stolen. The serial number can be found in many different locations.

Typically the serial number can be found on the handle, slide, trigger guard or receiver. There is no typical serial number. For example, a Browning serial number can range in length from eight to ten characters, a Glock number is only five characters long. Serial numbers can contain both numbers and letters. A serial number is stamped in metal so it doesn’t wear easily. If a serial number is worn, try looking for the serial number in a different place on the gun some guns will have more than one serial number.

A worn or filed-off serial number is an indicator of a stolen gun. Call the gun manufacturer or go to the manufacturer’s website to access their online search tool.

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While it is illegal for dealers to sell guns that have been lost, stolen or used in a crime and wanted by the police, it can happen. Private-party sales of stolen guns are also uncommon, but can occur. Running a gun serial number search before you buy will make sure you get a gun that you can legally own and register in your name. Locate the serial number for the gun you want to check. If you are purchasing a gun or checking one that is already in your possession, you can check the documentation that came with the gun.

The serial number is usually located on the handle or inside the gun, but this does vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Colt Python 6″ BBL, manufactured in s, like the s, like new no box, The Colt serial numbers of on the yoke & frame date the revolver to

This gun belongs to a friend of ours, and it is very special to her family. Her father has been unable to get an accurate appraisal, so she asked us to help. It has a shot magazine. This gun was special ordered on March 3, , for Mr. Gutterson of the National Park Service. It was ordered by Colonel G. Collins, th CA.

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Colt Python Revolver Review

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The serial number is stamped in three places on modern Colt’s, including the Python: On the frame just below the barrel. You have to swing out.

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Serial Numbers begin GCTEN ending with numerals from – Variant 3 – Colt Match The Gold Cup versions were not available at the time, so this was​.

The Colt Python has a long and tortured history. The story begins back in , when Colt finished the improvements they had been doing almost annually to their medium-sized double action revolver, and combined them into one package called the Colt Army Special. A medium-sized DA revolver, it seemed big at the time it sold well, and in a couple of decades Colt finally figured out that much of the sales were not going to militaries, but going to law enforcement, so they changed the name to Official Police OP.

This change also had the effect of most of the Official Police production being in. They were also made in. Official Police marked Colts in calibers other than. It is in. Oh well. We had one of those pass through The Gun Room back in the early s, and even the old timers and collectors remarked on not having seen one before, nor having seen one in such pristine condition. No, I did not buy it. I was still in my phase then, alas.

In , Colt decided to offer an updated Official Police for target competition and law enforcement use. This was the Python. The slender barrel was replaced with one given a vented rib and a full-length underlug.

How to read Colt serial numbers for first timers

The upper left side of the trigger guard is marked with both a. In addition Colt. The serial numder as you can see has six digits. The serial number on mine which is on the crane and on the frame where the crane rest is with a lightly struct M underneath the number. In total, approximately airframes all A-4Bs and Cs were acquired by Singapore.

Action is very tight, Very nice trigger pull.

Letters that ARE a part of the Colt Python serial number are directly in front of serial number can give you some useful insight into the date of manufacture of.

A common first question for a Colt owner is “When was my Colt made”. The second question is often “What Colt do I have”? First, identifying a Colt revolver can be frustrating because beginning in Colt always started each new model at serial number “1”, and progressed upward until the model was discontinued, OR until the mid’s when the serial number system changed to meet Federal law. Since all Colt’s started off at number “1” it’s possible to have a number of older Colt firearms all with the same serial number.

In the Gun Control of was passed. This law mandated that from then on all new firearms had to have a serial number and that number had to be unique. To comply with the law, Colt began adding letters to the serial numbers as prefixes and suffixes to make each firearm have a unique number. An added issue is Colt’s often confusing serial number system. Colt often mixed several models in the same serial number ranges or split models out by caliber. During the mid’s the serial number data is so mixed as to be almost incomprehensible.

As example you may have a model of revolver made in. Even after Colt began using unique serial numbers in the ‘s, Colt often combined a number of models into one serial number range.

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