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Doc says he has read Teal’s bio, but at the same time he didn’t know he was the one being accused. How is that possible? I attempted to address the issue in an update, the text of which can be found in the following paragraph. It occurred to me after posting it, however, that I should simply ask him to further clarify the statements in question. He was kind enough to respond to this query in a follow-up exchange on Nov. I have added these clarifications to his earlier statements in the exchanges below, preceded by asterisks. There is a good deal of new material from this exchange. For “Doc’s” response to this particular question, though, see here.

Every Netflix Original Movie, Ranked

Through juicy interviews, personal anecdotes, and heartfelt conversations, the hosts can grow to feel like your best friends as they talk to you via headphones every week. Luckily, for you single ladies out there, there is a plethora of podcasts hosted by women who are badass, lovable, and relatable and understand the struggles that go along with dating and relationships.

However, there are tons of women podcast hosts who are single and experiencing the same things as you. In these relatable podcasts, women tell honest stories about being single, spill the tea on their sex lives, and above all, build communities of women. Some podcasts are hilarious, others are informative ahem, sex tips , but all of them are just damn entertaining. Below are seven podcasts that celebrate your single status that you should start listening during your next commute.

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Please subscribe to Coach Vaillant newsletter for new exclusive content. This blog was inspired by some harsh comments I received on Facebook. Though I understand that people are afraid of the exponential growth of the pandemic, I made a point that the mortality rate of Covid was still way under the flu, cancer, car accidents, suicides, addictions, cancer or hunger mortality rates.

This data can be easily verified. An individual who is a competent professional, a family man and highly regarded in his community called my post stupid and reckless. When I disagree with someone, either I ignore them because I see there is no point in convincing someone who has already made up his mind or I attempt to have a rational dialog with them but I do not belittle them. Amendment 1 of the US constitution is freedom of speech.

Another GANP was calling murderers a couple that simply went hiking to the mountains while everyone knows that nature and physical exercise are excellent for the immune system. Will people who do not blindly follow the current mass hysteria be soon judged for voluntary homicide? First, we have seen this before.

To frighten us even more, they added all the Anthrax attacks. Incidentally, anthrax was a biological weapon created by Russians in a lab back in the s.


In an interview with Today , the show ignored the uproar over her dramatic weight loss. That The Biggest Loser rewards extreme weight loss, possibly to an unhealthy degree , is nothing new. After 10 years and 15 seasons, contestants on the NBC reality show have lost a collective thousands of pounds.

In other words, there are documented winners as well as losers within this group. only once in , and the date of this single count was between the dates of Interestingly, all three most widespread species (common teal, mallard, Since then, whooper swan and greylag goose have both increased.

This article is updated frequently as Netflix adds new original titles; several more recent titles may be missing. Netflix has spent the last few years and several billions of dollars on a crusade to be taken more seriously. The second film they released was the one where a donkey explosively sharts all over Adam Sandler. These days, Netflix is made up of a fair amount of movies that attain mere forgettability instead of outright awfulness.

Below, we attempt to rank every single Netflix original movie ever made excluding documentaries, in the interest of this list remaining … bingeable. Unranked: Cam In this cyber-thriller, the commonplace annoyances of working on the Internet — getting back in to a locked account, dealing with trolls, thirsting for numerical affirmations of your output — assume an uncanny existential terror in league with the eldritch fever dreams of David Lynch.

Go-getter cam girl Alice Madeline Brewer, reinforcing the Lynch comparison with a star-making performance that channels both Naomi Watts and Laura Harring starts to unravel after she sees someone broadcasting from her channel using her name and her face, who is nonetheless not her. Her frantic maneuvers to secure her livelihood and sense of self climax in a semiotically loaded grand finale that can stand up to the most chilling setpieces of the new millennium. Oh, Ramona!

7 podcasts for single women who need to laugh about dating

Search Box x. Apple Books Audible Audiobooks. The Talk. This powerful collection of short stories, essays, and poems is a call-to-action that invites all families to be anti-racist and advocates for change.

You picked a loser.” But the launch date — already delayed once because of wind conditions — was Red, Purple, Fuchsia, Green, Lime, Olive, Yellow, Navy​, Blue, Teal, Aqua, Orange On July 4, he helped give the first public tour of the revitalized facility, once again home to tundra swan, huge white.

This is a list of episodes for Perry Mason , an American legal drama series that aired on CBS television for nine seasons September 21, — May 22, The title character , portrayed by Raymond Burr , is a fictional Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer who originally appeared in detective fiction by Erle Stanley Gardner. Many episodes are based on novels and short stories written by Gardner, with some stories having been adapted more than once.

It was filmed October 3—9, , [4] : more than a year before it aired. Hudson” who has an impending date with the gas chamber. William Talman Hamilton Burger was fired by CBS March 18, , hours after he entered a not-guilty plea to misdemeanor charges related to his presence at a party that was raided by police.

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Heidi Grant Halvorson, PhD. Timothy A. Pychyl, PhD. Ian Zimmerman, PhD.

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In one chapter, Miller describes the childhood origins of a form of narcissism that is different from the widely recognized Grandiose or Overt Narcissism — a more subtle or covert type of narcissism. Every child has a legitimate need to be noticed, understood, taken seriously, and respected by his mother. I was painfully aware that I would never get my wish — my mother has been dead for several years now and so I began to feel let down, slightly depressed. The lack of mirroring that Miller wrote about seems to be an important factor contributing to the development of covert narcissism and the quest for someone who might provide the kind of mirroring we missed in growing up.

In my case, I was depressed as a child and adolescent, but enjoyed a brief respite during college and the first year of my marriage. It turns out that my feelings of depression and emptiness are symptomatic of the flip side of Overt Narcissism. My own search for mirroring and acceptance began quite early in life. When I was five, my father, whose warmth and love I briefly basked in, left my mother, an aloof, intellectual and hypercritical woman who hired nannies to care for my sister and me.

I remember riding on his shoulders through the house and backyard. As long as I gravitated toward him, I felt what I thought was love coming from him toward me. For my 4 th birthday, he gave me a pearl ring, for my 5 th , a gold watch — then he was gone and I became depressed. At least I could be approved of, or perhaps even admired by her and by other people for my intellect.

The Catch and The Loser, A Match Made In Heaven!

Included on this page are blogs Teal has written about people without their consent. Some of the blogs she was pressured to remove, and others are still published all private information is redacted. Privacy, when it is done to hide aspects of your life from view is a painful state that perpetuates shame. This behavior creates an unfair power dynamic between her and the people she writes about.


When prospective new investment managers made presentations to the Fund, it was often proved that GraySwan had more knowledge of their history than the presenters. Consistent evaluation of investment managers was done and acted upon even when changes in teams dealing with our mandates were not reported by the relevant investment manager to the Fund. GraySwan ensured that Trustees were educated regarding investment terms and products as they created a database where Trustees could log into to broaden their knowledge.

I honestly believe that GraySwan has set a new necessary standard for investment consulting in South Africa. This has not only enabled our Fund to take informed decisions regarding investments, but also ensured that we remained in the top quartile since your appointment. Investing is a world where every investment manager claims to be terrific and where they can typically back it up with some or other performance analytics. We offer our clients a highly experienced and stable team, an established pedigree and a proven investment manager research and selection process.

Our unique investment manager research and selection advisory offering centres around a deep understanding of the investment manager industry, which we have gained over the past two decades. We have gained our competitive edge not only from our wealth of investment consulting experience where we advised to most of the largest institutional investors in South Africa but also from our offshore investment management backgrounds. Clients require advice that is based not on a theoretical and academic basis but on proven investment management principles.

Investment advisors that have institutional investment management backgrounds such as us have an advantage to meet more sophisticated client demands. We spend our time and resources on detailed global investment manager research in order to pro-actively empower our clients to make informed and high conviction investment decisions. Our world travels helps us to think broader than the local best practice and helps us to challenge the status quo.

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